#6 Publish0x
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5

Publish0x is a blogging platform where both readers and writers Earn Crypto for reading and publishing content. Publish0x is crypto agnostic in the sense that it “can” support “all” cryptocurrencies for “tipping” (paying) its users. Unlike other competing platforms that issue their own token for rewarding users for their attention and content, publish0x does not have its own cryptocurrency nor does it have an inbuilt preference for specific cryptocurrencies.

Publish0x pays you to publish your work on their platform in return for tips and rewards in the different cryptocurrencies available in its reward pool. Also, if you happen to be just a reader looking for some high-quality content to consume at free cost, the platform rewards you for spending your time and attention on its website.

Unlike other platforms such as YouTube and Medium where you either earn nothing for your attention or you’re even asked to pay a premium to have access to more content –Publish0x believes that your time and attention is worth something and want to reward you for it.

Their aim is to especially help people earn their first crypto without having to buy it with their own money.

If you are still reading this, than it could be something for you. Start reading or publishing articles and click on the button below.

Publish0x has been reviewed and tested by the Earn Crypto team and found legitimate.